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5 Gallon Felt Nonwoven Fabric Plant Growing Pots, Fabric Seedling Bags Plant Grow Bag

This Fabric grow pots are ideal for growing small plants, trees and flowers whether indoor or outdoor.
Suitable for growing vegetables, like onions, garlic, potatoes, small tomatoes and chili,. etc. in your room or garden.

* Great and no harm to your plants.
* Allow plants to breathe and grow healthier.
* Keep plant warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.
* Non-woven fabric material improves drainage and aeration, which make your plants grow better.
* Reusable, eco-friendly, light weight and space-saving.
* Sizes, logo and package can be customized.

What are Fabric Pots?

  Fabric pots are planters made from a type of BPA-free, breathable material, usually double-layer polypropylene. These products have a soft, felt-like texture. They are quite similar to landscaping fabric. Fabric pots are available in two types: one for growing seedlings or young plants called fabric grow bags and fabric planters, which are used as containers for fully-grown plants.

  Although lightweight, fabric pots and fabric grow bags are ideal for growing a variety of plants. The material works as a physical barrier that protects fragile root systems from diseases, pests, and harsh weather conditions.

  Just like regular planters, fabric grow bags and fabric planters are easy to use and washable. These products are also reusable, which adds to the eco-friendliness of fabric planters. Fabric grow bags and fabric planters are best used for growing most types of vegetables and they come in different sizes too. We recommend these products for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, hot or sweet chili peppers, and green beans!

The Advantages of Using a Fabric Pot:

* Promoting air pruning to accelerate plant growth.

* Fabric planter bags are made from a permeable material that promotes proper air circulation.

* Excellent drainage leads to bigger yeild.

* Portable and Reusable.